Create your unique monster then team up with friends, engage in thrilling battles with MOBA mechanics and use your combat skills to win in our web3 metaverse.

Monstropoly - Bulldozer Monster

Also known as tank, they are capable of resisting more damage from their opponents, and their large size helps them provide cover to allies. Their Monstromagic is focused on protecting their team or resisting more damage.

Monstropoly - Dazzling Monster

Also known as assassin, they are the smartest type, with skinny bodies that allow them to navigate the battlefield with great speed. Their Monstromagic grants them faster damage recovery.

Monstropoly - Gunner Monster

Also known as damage dealer, they have the ability to deal more damage, and have developed their Damage Monstropower more than other types. Their Monstromagic is focused on dealing maximum damage to opponents.

Monstropoly - Bob Monster

Also known as support, they are the ones that take care of their allies. Without them, the team lacks unity. In addition to being the heart of a good team, Support monsters defend themselves on the Battlefield.


Magic Boxes will loot one or more monsters of different types depending on the rarity of the chest.

Monster Cards will loot a specific monster type.

2022 Q3

Game at Alpha

The game is ready to battle at Alpha, PvE and PvP. Are you?

Social & Website

We’ve setup the channels to interact with our community.

Tokenomics & Whitepaper

A model designed to offer you different ways to enjoy and earn.

2022 Q4

Private pre-sale

Initial investors at seed and private round show get engaged with Monstropoly. Airdrop

A breeze of airdrop to allow our closest community opt preferentially to first token sale.

NFT pre-sale

Test our freshly minted NFTs, and first combinations of our cartoonish Monsters and Weapons.

Dapp Launch

All tools to give you access to fully operational token & NFT mechanics. Staking at your fingertips.

2023 Q1


Token is created and sent to all participants from the early-access & captable members.

Public IGO

Time to allow broader public engagement with Monstropoly. Be fast or you’ll miss it!.

Game launch

And here we go, let’s play and earn! Save the World, Free for All and Team Deathmatch await you!

List token in DEX + CEX

Best options to purchase $MPOLIS or bring your rewards out of the game will be made available to you.

Season Pass

Discover new skins, levels and challenges to keep on enjoying as your progress in-game.

2023 Q2

Esport Launch

Team championship with special events and juicy prizes will consolidate first Monstropoly champions.

Fusion Upgrades

Allow breeding-based mechanics to monsters with evolution stages to allow the generation of new monsters.



Allan Ta

Roseon Finance

Lester Lim

X21 Digital

Kevin Abdulrahman





Monstropoly is MOBA play2earn game with a universe full of monsters & weapons with a strong social approach developed by Satoshis Games. This games combines the best features from NFTs and Metaverses through an addictive gameplay and a VR webclient to showcase your monsters, participate on community events & interact with guilds.

We are not newcomers into blockchain games, we have +3 years of experiences creating unique rewarding games. As creators of lightnite, crypto version of fornite. We have enough experience to create the best gaming quality & balanced rewarding experience to make a unique experience

Additionally, our game will provide a VR webclient (AKA metaverse) that connects the whole participants on this gaming experience. Inside of this metaverse, create tools for guilds to have more visibility, create minigames that involve the users NFTs, create universal experiences to have the community more engaged & close to each other.

There are two utility tokens involved in Monstropoly: $MPOLY is the core utility token, while $MPGLD is an in-game token. $MPOLY will be used to purchase NFTs and game tokens $MPGLD and participate in relevant game decision making processes. $MPGLD will be used to buy in-game items and receive rewards for gaming.

Our theme is very monster focused! So we will have a fantasy world full of magic elements and much more!! We are just starting designing this parallel universe. Stay put on our community channel to know more details!

Yes! All smart contracts have been audited by Armors Labs. You can read our security audit report available in our open source repository in GitHub. VIEW REPORT

We are Satoshis Games! We started making blockchain games back in 2018. We have been leading Bitcoin Gaming since then, with milestones like the launch of elixir, the first crypto steam platform or the creation of tier 1 play2earn games like Light Nite.

We recently won the 1st prize on the category blockchain gaming adoption at the Bitcoin 2021 conference. See some relevant people who were in the judge panel like Tim Draper from Drapper Associates , Paul Veradittakit from Pantera Capital or Oleg Mikhalsky from Fulgur Ventures.

1st prize on blockchain gaming adoption

Bitcoin 2021 Conference